Wild Futures, The Monkey Sanctuary

At Wild Futures we are all too aware that flora and fauna around the world are becoming more endangered at every moment. For some species, it is too late – they are gone forever. The future of all that remains lies in our hands and the time to act is now.

Every species of plant and animal plays a vital role within our intricate and dynamic ecosystem; the eradication of any one species inevitably impacts on the survival of others. The protection of non-human primates is at the forefront of our work, following almost fifty years of working to protect primates from the abuses they face both in captivity and in the wild. By focusing on primates and their protection, we aim to ensure a wild and safe future for all.

Wild Futures is dedicated to:

  • Promoting the welfare and conservation of primates
  • Conserving and restoring natural habitats in the UK and abroad through funding support, education and sustainable practices
  • Working to end the trade in primates for any purpose and abuse of primates in captivity
  • Offering a home for life to primates in need of rescue and rehabilitation


Directory sectors: conservation & wildlife, ecology