Raptor Camp 2024 Volunteer

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Volunteer • Part Time


Sectors: conservation & wildlife

Closing date: Friday, 16th August 2024  

We are seeking volunteers to join us in the countryside during our Raptor Camp 2024 monitoring operations.

The BirdLife Malta Conservation team is on the lookout for volunteers to assist us with our autumn monitoring fieldwork.

Autumn is a great time of the year to observe bird migration in Malta. We can see a diverse range of species, as well as impressive numbers of birds of prey, with the most common species encountered being the Western Marsh-harrier and European Honey-buzzard. The peak of activity usually occurs in September and October.

Many birds take advantage of Malta’s location, being an archipelago in the Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast. Migration is an arduous activity, and birds use Malta as a resting place during their journey, providing them with the chance to rest and refuel before continuing.

Birds face many different challenges along their way, such as unfavourable weather conditions and changes to habitat. However, in Malta, the illegal hunting of protected species is an ongoing problem, and this is why Raptor Camp takes place.

Raptor Camp is a bird protection camp, and to make it successful, we need volunteers to come and join us. This work involves several hours spent in the countryside every day (covering early hours spent in the countryside mornings and evenings), monitoring bird migration and hunting/trapping activity, recording any illegalities on camera, and liaising with the police where necessary to report bird crimes.

Bird identification skills are not a necessity but would be advantageous. Willing drivers would be particularly welcome. The days can feel long and tiring, so the ability to work well in teams and maintain a cheery outlook would also be helpful!

Please note that BirdLife Malta cannot assist financially, and these positions are funded by the volunteers themselves. Volunteers will stay in a hotel used by BirdLife Malta; please contact us before booking flights so we can check availability at the hotel. The deadline for applications is 16th August 2024.

If you wish to register your interest, or have any queries, please contact [email protected].

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