Hope for the Future

Hope for the Future is a climate charity which works to equip communities, groups and individuals across the country to communicate the urgency of climate change with their local politicians.


Our vision is to see communities and their elected representatives across the UK come together to take decisive action on climate change. We have a proven track record of engaging with MPs from across party lines on the issue of climate change. 

If you want to see your MP and local council doing more to stop climate change, we are here to support you. Whether you are a seasoned activist or someone who has never engaged with politics before, we exist to help you effectively communicate the climate emergency with decision-makers across the UK. We support anyone from climate campaigners, academics, faith communities, local groups, NGOs and individuals to have their voices heard on climate change.

Climate policy affects all of the choices people make on a daily basis such as how you get to work and what you pay for your fuel bills. It even affects your life expectancy. Ongoing engagement with local representatives is more essential than ever if the UK is to move towards a fairer, more sustainable society for all.

Make your voice heard

The single biggest thing you can do to tackle climate change is engage with your local representative.

Meeting net-zero targets is fundamentally about transitioning to low carbon infrastructure, and so many of the daily decisions around new and existing infrastructure—such as new buildings, roads and utilities—are made at the local level. By engaging with your local representative, you can work with them to support the government's legislation on reaching net zero emissions by 2050. We offer training and support to help you do this, aiming to transform your elected representatives’ hearts and minds on climate change.


Jobs with Hope for the Future