Fidra is an environmental charity based in East Lothian. It seeks to address a wide range of specific environmental issues by promoting genuinely sustainable practices. We use scientific evidence and positive engagement with industry, policy makers and the public to make change at national and international levels.

Projects include The Great Nurdle Hunt (, which aims to end plastic pollution from industrial plastic pellets (nurdles) into the marine environment. The project has grown from an initial local focus to having an international reach, with over a thousand volunteers contributing to its citizen science survey, and Fidra contributing to international policy discussions. Last year the project won the RSPB Nature of Scotland Awards, in the Marine Conservation category.

The Cotton Bud Project has been working for 4 years to encourage industry and retailers to phase out plastic cotton bud stems in order to protect the environment. Cotton bud stems are a common form of sewage-related marine litter, and countless are found on beaches in Scotland and internationally. Following commitment from many major retailers to the switch, the Scottish and UK Government have recently announced consultations to investigate banning plastic stemmed buds.

Other projects include Best Fishes, seeking to achieve best practice in Scottish salmon farming by providing the consumer with an informed choice, and a PFAS project that aims to highlight the unnecessary use of environmentally harmful PFAS (perfluoralkyl substances) to create stain-resistant school uniforms. Fidra is actively growing and developing several projects, with a focus on using citizen and industry engagement to highlight the potentially unnecessary use of environmentally harmful chemicals.

Fidra is a Scottish registered charity and SCIO no.SCO43895