Providing ideas, specialist knowledge and solutions to secure our food and enhance the environment.

ADAS is the UK’s largest independent provider of agricultural and environmental consultancy, policy advice and research and development. We understand food production and the challenges and opportunities faced by organisations operating in the natural environment.

With 75 years of experience in the farming and environmental sector, we translate science into pragmatic, workable solutions for farmers, landowners, corporate organisations and government.

About ADAS

Established 75 years ago, our teams deliver on national and international projects in a wide array of industries and public sector services. We continue to thrive by attracting innovative thinkers into our workforce.

Our strong scientific research skills provide us with a base on which we are able to deliver real solutions for our clients. Our experienced specialist consultants can offer specific, strategic and policy advice, as well as applied R&D.

We have offices throughout England and Wales, with over 400 staff delivering in 60 specialist subjects. Health, environment and quality systems, standards and certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and good laboratory practice, support our work. We are committed to the continual review and improvement of our operating practices and robust corporate governance.

Our role in the community

ADAS is committed to an active role in the local communities within which it operates, contributing towards local sustainability. We also work to support our local communities by:

  • Using local suppliers and local, seasonal produce with a low carbon footprint.
  • Encouraging staff involvement in local charitable organisations, voluntary sector groups and community projects.
  • Developing alliances with local businesses and communities that will be of mutual benefit.
  • Consulting with neighbours on new capital projects.
  • Providing training opportunities/work experience for local school/university leavers.
  • Supporting initiatives that bring together key industries to debate, influence and promote sustainable activities.


Jobs with ADAS