Change London

London is a great place – a world-class city. Change London wants to make it better. We want to make London a healthier, more liveable and economically productive city.

Change London is a non-profit organisation which delivers commercially sustainable solutions and projects that can change people’s lives for the better. We work with, and are supported by, a range of businesses, local and central government, and many universities.

What are we doing today?

  • We’re connecting with businesses of all sizes – it’s free and helps everyone discover how we can help each other achieve our goals
  • We’re building a unique, world first, air quality monitoring network – thousands of sensors which will help people of all ages connect with and understand air pollution, share real-time health information with everyone through free apps, and enable solutions to be targeted accurately and efficiently
  • And we’re creating and supplying a range of educational materials, which will reach more than 20,000 schools by the end of 2015