Co-wheels Car Club

Co-wheels is a public access car club that is run as a social enterprise. Geographically, Co-wheels is the UK’s largest car club operator. We make the model work in more locations by creating innovative partnerships with local authorities, public sector organisations, business and communities.

As a Social Enterprise, our primary focus is to help our members & partners to save money, reduce car ownership and create environmental benefit. Because Co-wheels is a Community Interest Company, we reinvest profit into our operations to expand the service.

Co-wheels now delivers car clubs in over 45 locations across the UK. We have a diverse range of operations, from city centres to villages. Some of our car clubs are used by local authorities and universities as pool cars for staff, whilst others focus entirely on being shared cars for local residents. We encourage local ownership of our operations which are sometimes run as community car clubs or as one of our social franchises.


Directory sectors: sustainable transport