Turtle SOS Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde is the world’s third most important site for nesting loggerhead turtles. SOS Tartarugas (Turtle SOS) began operations in June 2008 on Sal in response to the wholesale slaughter of turtles as they came on to the beach to nest, a situation that it is estimated may result in extinction in under 8 years.

SOS Tartarugas is a non-profit environmental organisation. The main objective is to protect and conserve loggerhead turtles, through deterring illegal hunting and protecting nesting habitat. We work in conjunction with local and national government and law enforcement agencies and over three years have significantly reduced the number of nesting turtles killed.

SOS Tartarugas is based on Sal but also works in conjunction with other partners on several more islands. The organisation is a member of Taola, the Cape Verdean Sea Turtle Network.