The Malvern Hills Conservators

The Malvern Hills Conservators manage most parts of the Malvern Hills and the surrounding Commons, some other parcels of land and many roadside verges according to the Malvern Hills Acts 1884 to 1995. The total area under our jurisdiction is now over 1200 hectares (3000 acres). By law, it is our duty to prevent encroachments on these areas;

  • to keep for the recreation and enjoyment of the public;
  • to conserve the Hills and Commons; and
  • to protect the ancient rights of the registered commoners.

These objectives sometimes conflict, although we aim to find the most appropriate balance.

How does the work get done?

The Board employs a Director, and his team includes a Conservation Officer with particular responsibilities for land management and the organisation of the work programme of the Operations Manager, Field Staff and contractors. There are also three Wardens and additional voluntary Wardens who, when patrolling the Hills, are able to meet, inform and help visitors, whilst at the same time encouraging respect for the countryside.