Island Conservation Society (ICS)

Island Conservation Society promotes the conservation and restoration of island ecosystems of Seychelles, the sustainable development of islands, and awareness of their vulnerability and vital importance to the planet's biodiversity. Founded in 2001, ICS today runs conservation centres at five islands across Seychelles, with more planned for the future when funding permits.

ICS celebrated its 20th anniversary on the 10th of April 2021. What started out as a small NGO by only four founders and eight other trustees is now an established conservation organisation striving to sustainably manage island ecosystems.

We are pleased with what we have achieved over the past two decades, thanks to the dedication of the ICS founders, Trustees, staff and partners. We look forward to strengthening partnerships so that we can collectively tackle various issues that continue to impact our fragile island ecosystems. Conservation should be part of our daily lives so that we can continue to promote and protect the earth’s resources for current and future generations.

ICS reiterates its commitment to promote and protect the fragile island ecosystems that belong to every Seychellois with the support of organisations and the wider community.


Jobs with Island Conservation Society (ICS)