Global Action Plan

We’re a different kind of environmental charity. We focus on people and how you can take practical action in your everyday life for a better world.

Global Action Plan uses its practical experience, knowledge and credibility to help thousands of people and organisations make environmental and financial savings. Our supportive, structured approach tailors projects to the priorities and cultures of individual communities. Our programmes have social and environmental benefits, are proven to work, and are United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) endorsed. Our programmes reduce environmental impacts in a number of ways:

  • Practical change and activities which make a real difference.
  • Working across different areas of sustainability including food, energy, water, and waste.
  • All programmes are measured and reported on to show the quantifiable impact we’re making.
  • Achieving shifts in behaviour to ensure that effects are permanent and long-lasting.
  • Bringing fresh thinking to your activities, so you can build on what’s in place or start something new.

Global Action Plan works in partnership with businesses, communities, young people, and schools to encourage behaviour change and reduce environmental impacts. Currently we are very proud to be working in partnership with Sky and EDF Energy.


Directory sectors: carbon, climate & energy