Keep Britain Tidy

Where we live matters. Cleaner streets, beaches and parks provide the backbone for strong communities.

How we live matters. By preserving scarce resources, wasting less and recycling more, we create a healthier society, and a healthier planet too.

We are an independent environmental charity, which campaigns for people’s right to live and work in a place of which they can be proud. A single truth underpins our success – caring for the environment is the first step to a better society.

Sixty years ago, we started with litter. Today we do much more. We run the world’s largest environmental education programme for about five million English students. About 1,300 parks fly our Green Flag. Clean, safe beaches fly the Blue Flag. Our Waste Watch programme helps communities conserve resources. And we work with local authorities and land managers across the country to cut costs and share what works.

Wherever you are, we help people understand that what’s good for the environment is also good for us.


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