38 Degrees

38 Degrees is an online campaigning organisation, involving more than 2 million people from every corner of the UK.

We hold the most powerful to account, and stand up for a fairer society.

The results speak for themselves. Together we win on issues that matter.

Who we are

38 Degrees is made up of 2 million people across the UK who come from all walks of life, from farmers in Aberdeen to nurses in Cornwall. The 2 million of us who take part in campaigns come from very different backgrounds, vote for all political parties and none, but all agree that politics works better when more of us get involved.

We have small office teams in London and Edinburgh, but it’s when thousands of us come together that we make real change happen.

What we do

38 Degrees provides people with more ways to make their voices heard on issues they care about. From signing petitions and emailing our representatives, to crowdfunding groundbreaking research and meeting politicians face to face, together, we make sure we’re heard.

We run campaigns to make Britain a better and fairer place to live – and we make a difference, from saving local libraries, to tackling plastic pollution and standing up for our NHS so that it can care for generations to come.

Why we exist

We believe democracy is about more than voting every five years. 38 Degrees uses technology to make it easier for people to contact politicians and companies, and to hold them to account. We want people to feel like politics doesn’t happen to them, but that they are part of it.

Our people

38 Degrees staff work hard to make sure that our movement is as effective as possible. We write the emails that let members know about what 38 Degrees is getting up to, as well as making sure that the technology we use is working properly. Staff also draw on advice from other campaigning groups, experts and others to make sure we’re getting good information about the best way to make change happen.