The South Pennines Park

The South Pennines Park is situated between the Peak District, Yorkshire Dales, Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire. It is England’s largest non-statutory upland landscape that is not designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) or National Park.

Geographically, we’re part of the Pennine ridge of hills, stretching between the Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales National Parks. Covering 460 square miles of spectacular uplands, we take in lush, sheltered valleys, drystone walls and urban fringes. We’re a wild and wonderful place, home to rare birds, vast peat and heather moorlands and big skies.

The Park is a collaboration led by The South Pennines Park organisation between public, private and third sector organisations.

Our vision is a South Pennines Park that is truly nature-centred and people-led.

We believe the way to achieve our vision is through a truly inclusive and people-led effort; one that gives a voice to all of those who live, work and visit this special place.

We want everyone invested in the South Pennines Park – neighbours, visitors, members, stakeholders, partners – to sign up to a Partnership Plan in order to help us shape our future, and make sure that future generations are able to shape theirs.

For the South Pennines Park to continue to thrive and for its natural environment, distinctive character and economy to be recognised, resourced and resilient, a bold and experimental approach is vital.