Tees Rivers Trust

From Fell-side to Teesside, The Tees Rivers Trust is the only conservation body committed solely to the management and improvement of the whole of the Tees Catchment. The Trust’ purpose is to improve and conserve the water quality and habitat of the Tees and its tributaries. We work with many partners to achieve this and we benefit from the goodwill of volunteers in delivering projects.

The Tees drains an area of almost 2000km2 and receives water that has flowed through or over a huge range of landscapes. We are working at a whole-catchment scale to improve the river. This means working with people such as land managers, farmers and planners as closely as we do with those directly involved with the river.

Simply put, we love the Tees and want to provide as many opportunities as possible for people to get involved with their river!


Directory sectors: conservation & wildlife