Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT)

Formed in 1964, the Scottish Wildlife Trust is a membership-based registered charity with the objective to “advance the conservation of Scotland’s biodiversity for the benefit of present and future generations.” Our work is underpinned by a 25-Year Vision to re-establish: “a network of healthy and resilient ecosystems supporting expanding communities of native species across large areas of Scotland’s land, water and seas.”

SWT has 123 wildlife reserves totalling 20,000 hectares. The network is broadly representative of Scottish wildlife habitats, including urban greenspaces. Reserves are managed to conserve and re-build biodiversity, improve public access to Scotland’s natural heritage and for education and demonstration use.

This work focuses on the conservation of wildlife outwith designated sites and SWT’s own reserves . Wider countryside work is achieved through practical conservation work, policy advocacy and major projects such as the Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels and the Scottish Beaver Trial. Staff, members and volunteers are all involved in our wider countryside activities. We currently have 11 expert Conservation Projects Teams who carry out vital conservation work on the ground.

SWT’s people and wildlife programme engages members, the general public, school groups, families, communities, volunteers and also young and unemployed people through our dedicated Conservation Teams. Our aim is to increase access to, and enjoyment of, nature across all of Scotland through, for example, our rangers and visitor centres. We also seek to increase knowledge and understanding of wildlife and teach practical habitat management skills.


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