Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

We are wildlife and environmental champions.

Wildlife is everywhere and we’d like to keep it that way.

Our team has a passion for wildlife and for conserving our natural heritage, for promoting greener ideas for living well, for energy management, minimising waste and for encouraging people to explore, experience and enjoy the natural world around them. Since 1962 we’ve been inspiring, informing, including and influencing people across Wiltshire – with one aim, to get more people involved in helping us to help protect the environment and promote sustainable living – creating a better quality of life for everyone now and for generations to come.

We work in a range of different ways and with a range of different partners, to inspire people to enjoy, understand and take action to protect the natural world around us and everything in it.

From urban window boxes and the nooks and crannies of your back garden to wildflower meadows, waterways and the wildlife-rich wonders of our nature reserves, we exist in a landscape of change and it’s not enough just to change with it, we need to think ahead to protect it.

What we do matters. What you do matters even more.


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