Global Generation

Founded in 2004, Global Generation is an educational charity, which works together with local children and young people, businesses, residents and families in Camden, Islington and Southwark to create healthy, integrated and environmentally responsible communities. Our work connects people of all ages to nature in the middle of the city. We focus on the development of the whole person, providing practical experiences and support for children and young people to become catalysts for change in their communities. We integrate values-based reflective learning into practical sessions through a wide range of educational programmes, enabling people to grow themselves, grow relationships and grow a new vision for the future.

The moveable Skip Garden was created in 2009 and has been Global Generation’s ‘mothership’. It is the largest of the 26 community and commercial gardens that we have co-created with local businesses, restaurants, schools and young people in and around the King’s Cross Development site. Growing fruit and vegetables alongside our thriving educational cafe where we served nutritious and seasonal food has been a way for us to engage people across ages, backgrounds and abilities and to nurture a close-knit and collaborative community, which cares about its environment - and about the planet as a whole.

To date we have worked with over 4,500 local children, young people and their families in Camden and Islington, providing over 30,000 hands-on and reflective opportunities, designed to empower them to transform their own lives, their communities and their environment with an interconnected, nature-oriented worldview. We are also working in collaboration with children, young people, families, schools, community groups and businesses in Canada Water, where we are helping to involve the local community in co-creating the public realm of this new development.