Trees for Life

Trees for Life is an award winning conservation charity that aims to restore a wild, native forest ecosystem to a 1,000 square mile project area in the Highlands of Scotland. Centuries of exploitation and overgrazing have led to the degradation of our forest ecosystems and a huge decline in biodiversity. It’s Scotland’s equivalent of the Rainforest and it needs your help!

We are carrying out a wide range of work to restore our native Caledonian Forest. This includes planting trees, felling non-native species, fencing, seed collection and work in our Tree Nursery. We also have specific projects to restore aspen, montane scrub and woodland ground flora. So far we have planted over 1 million native trees and we now plan to plant a million more in the next five years.

There are many ways you can help us –

  • Signing up for a Conservation Week;
  • Becoming a member;
  • Dedicating a tree or grove of trees to a loved one;
  • Buying merchandise from our online shop.

We run over 40 Conservation Weeks a year, on which people have the opportunity to contribute to the restoration of Scotland’s beautiful native forest, in some of the most scenic areas of The Highlands.


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