Vincent Wildlife Trust

Vincent Wildlife Trust has been at the forefront of wildlife conservation for 40 years. Our work is focused on British and Irish mammals and currently centres on the bats and members of the weasel family (the mustelids).

What we do

Our specific niche is as an organisation that undertakes surveys to identify the current status of mammal species of concern, carries out pioneering conservation-led research, publishes the details of this work and offers expert advice to others through practical demonstration. Our innovative research has helped provide solutions to conservation issues locally and internationally.

We are involved in both landscape scale delivery of conservation actions and with more local, small-scale initiatives, linking in with national and European initiatives, forums and partnerships as appropriate.

Survey and monitoring, research, education, training and advocacy together represent the work of VWT. 

VWT Reserves

One area of our work, on-going since the 1980s, is the management of roost sites for greater and lesser horseshoe bat maternity colonies. Today, VWT manages nearly 40 bat roosts in Britain and Ireland, including sites of international significance.


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