National Marine Aquarium

The National Marine Aquarium is a charity dedicated to conservation, research and education.

Our mission is to Drive Marine Conservation Through Engagement.

We’re committed to conserving the marine environment and encouraging others to do the same. This moulds our exhibits and education programmes. It also drives our conservation projects.

For example, we work with the Shark Trust to produce a Basking Shark Code of Conduct. (The Basking Shark is the second biggest fish in the world.) We also support the Lobster Hatchery in Padstow and are campaigning for ornamental fish to be imported sustainably. If you are working on a project that contributes to raising awareness of the marine environment and require funding we may be able to help through our sister charity, National Aquarium Ltd

Our business is run in an ethical manner, minimising our consumption of natural resources. We encourage our suppliers and customers to do the same.


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