Carplus promotes car clubs and shared transport. We work for accessible shared mobility including car clubs, 2+ car sharing, bike sharing and taxi sharing. We are a not-for-profit, environmental transport NGO.

Carplus believes that new approaches to car use and ownership complement public transport, cycling and walking. They contribute significantly to reducing congestion and the unwelcome environmental, social and health costs of motoring today.

Carplus was established in 2000 to support the development of car clubs and 2+ car sharing schemes in the UK, in response to growing environmental concerns around private car use. Our core stakeholders are operators, service providers and local authority partners.

Carplus provides technical support, best practice guidance and practical advice to car club operators, community groups, local authorities and transport authorities to assist in setting up and developing car clubs. We are also a resource centre on 2+ car sharing, bike sharing and the integration of shared mobility schemes.


Directory sectors: sustainable transport