Fauna Forever

Fauna Forever (FF) is committed to researching & protecting Peru’s rainforests. We are recruiting volunteers to join our efforts on the Amazon conservation front lines.

FF’s mission is to conserve biodiversity in the Peruvian Amazon through research, education, communication and action.

We are a non-profit organization based out of the jungle city of Puerto Maldonado in the Amazon rainforests of Madre de Dios in south-eastern Peru. Formed in 1997, the NPO works to promote biodiversity conservation, the sustainable use of tropical forest resources, and the continued flow of vital ecosystem services from Peru’s wild nature for the benefit of all.

FF leads and supports pure and applied environmental and socio-economic research projects, training workshops, volunteer and intern programs, and forest conservation initiatives. It aims to benefit both State- and private-led protected areas, local communities involved in rational use of natural resources, scientists, policy-makers, and the general public at large, by documenting the increased understanding of the changing state of wild nature, the benefits and impacts of human activities, and to help the dissemination of knowledge about the Amazon rainforest ecosystem.