Good Energy

Good Energy was founded over a decade ago with one clear goal – to make a difference to climate change. And we’re as true to that today as we were when we started out.

We are a South West Company, based in Wiltshire and were the first dedicated 100% renewable electricity supplier.

We supply over 46,000 electricity customers, 20,000 gas customers and support over 66,000 homes, business and communities generating their own energy. We have our own wind farm in Delabole, North Cornwall.

But more than simply sourcing 100% of our electricity from renewables, we’re helping the UK achieve a future that’s powered purely by renewables.

There’s a lot to do; it requires fundamental changes to the way energy is generated and used in the UK. But we believe it’s possible. And there’s a growing body of research, including our own, proving that it is.


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