International Hydropower Association

The International Hydropower Association (IHA) addresses the role of hydropower in meeting the world’s growing water and energy needs as a clean, renewable and sustainable technology. With members in more than 80 countries, IHA is a non-governmental, mutual association of organisations and individuals. Its membership is open to all those involved in hydropower.

Formed under the auspices of UNESCO in 1995 as a forum to promote and disseminate good practice and further knowledge about hydropower, today IHA has a Central Office based in London and representative offices and affiliated organizations in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australasia, Europe and the Middle East. In addition, IHA currently has consultative and/or observer status with all United Nations agencies addressing water, energy and climate change.

IHA aims to advance hydropower’s role in meeting the world’s water and energy needs by:

  • championing continuous improvement and sustainable practices
  • building consensus through strong partnerships with other stakeholders
  • driving initiatives to increase the contribution of renewables, especially hydropower
  • increasing awareness of the role hydropower can play in sustainable development as an important source of renewable energy


Directory sectors: carbon, climate & energy