Alderney Wildlife Trust

The Alderney Wildlife Trust evolved from the island’s conservation volunteer organisation in 2002 to help manage and protect Alderney’s diverse habitats from the threat of new development and large scale agricultural abandonment.

The Trust’s role within Alderney has also grown, with activities now ranging from environmental consultancy and implementing sustainable projects, to running surveys and species counts aswell as creating new wildlife havens.

As a Crown Dependency Alderney lies outside both the UK and European legislative framework for the protection of the natural environment, and its government lacks the resources to employ staff with training in nature conservation. Because of this the Trust fulfils a unique role maintaining an active partnership with the local government and other Channel Island, UK and European conservation councils and research groups, to ensure the conservation of Alderney’s wildlife. Its work focuses on the challenge of aiding Alderney’s wildlife, whether it is recording the latest puffin sighting to building new footpaths along one of the island’s reserves. The Trust also helps projects off island including scientific ecological studies, governmental planning and biological conservation schemes.