Supporting clients to sustainably eliminate 3Gt of CO2e on their transition to Net Zero.

Anthesis is the sustainability activator. We drive performance through sustainability.


The company was founded for this moment, on a combined conviction in the power of human ingenuity and the potential of practical action to solve the problems of the decisive decade, and make sustainability happen.

We believe that productivity and resilience will be the master values of these coming years: the ability, through creativity and innovation, to realise more of what we value from what we have, and to avoid, or recover strongly from the shocks and challenges that lie ahead.

From complete strategic transformation to the first steps, we are dedicated to serving leaders, in the practical work of shaping a more productive and resilient world.

Our approach

Our activator model empowers multi-expert teams to design and deploy solutions that grow productive, resilient organisations, ecosystems, cities, communities and people.

From strategy to implementation, we offer an unrivalled spread of sustainability services to help you achieve your goals. We take our name from the Greek word “anthesis”, the lifecycle stage of a plant when it is most productive.