Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

We are the UK’s leading wetland conservation charity. We’re working to create a world where healthy wetland nature thrives and enriches lives.

We protect, restore and create healthy wetlands, and help bring people closer to nature.

We are a community of dedicated staff, volunteers and members, brought together by a love of wetlands and a drive to protect them.

We believe all you need to start making the world a better place is imagination, passion and a trusty pair of boots.

Our work

WWT save critically endangered species from extinction, work with communities around the world who depend on wetlands and inspire people to take care of nature.

Why wetlands?

Teeming with biodiversity, wetlands are found all over the world from the mightiest delta to the humblest pond. The conservation of wetlands is crucial as they are amazingly useful for people and wildlife, yet they are seriously threatened.

Our wetland sites

Our wetland sites underpin our conservation work. We create and maintain thousands of hectares of wetland habitat at our nature reserves, to support and protect endangered species.

Wetland Conservation Unit

Our Wetland Conservation Unit implements WWT’s wetland conservation programmes in the UK and internationally. With forty staff, we are one of the largest wetland conservation organisations in the world.

We undertake direct action to conserve sites and species, and catalyse wider action through demonstrating what works, building the evidence, providing training and guidance, engaging the public, and advocating to decision-makers. We partner with a wide range of NGOs, universities, governments and businesses, and receive funding from multiple sources, including in particular the members and supporters of WWT.


Jobs with Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust