Nekton Foundation

Nekton is a not-for-profit research foundation and a UK registered charity established to accelerate the scientific exploration and protection of the ocean.

Our current knowledge is as shallow as the ocean is deep. But we can't protect what we don’t know. We know so little of this world yet we are wilfully damaging it with human actions from above and below the surface.

Nekton works with ocean nations to gain knowledge faster, so that we can better protect the ocean and share knowledge with the world. We therefore work in partnership with a wide range of organisations - from science to civil society, from media to government.

We work for the ocean. Our true independence comes from the fact that our client is not corporations or governments or NGOs but the ocean itself. And our client is struggling to survive. It comes down to each individual – we each have a say in the future.

Ocean Census’ mission is to accelerate the discovery of ocean life and catalyse its protection for future generations.

Launched in April 2023 by The Nippon Foundation and Nekton Foundation, Ocean Census is the largest programme in history to discover life in our ocean, heralding a new era of pioneering research and scientific exploration to accelerate species discovery and protection.


Directory sectors: marine conservation