Course: Freshwater Leeches of the UK

Biological Recording Company

24th October 2024

Cost: £10

Sectors: conservation & wildlife, ecology

The UK is home to 17 species of freshwater leech (Hirudinea). Approximately half of these can be identified in the field as they have distinguishing features, characteristic of their species.

This presentation will explore some of these distinctive freshwater leech species, with tips on their ID features, ecology and distribution - as well as where and how you might find them. At the end of the session, learners should feel more comfortable submitting records of freshwater leeches to iRecord.

The 90-minute event will consist of a 1-hour presentation followed by a Q&A with the tutor using questions provided by the live audience.

This webinar will be recorded and the presentation will be made available following the event to those booked alongside a transcript of the Q&A and useful links.

Freshwater Leech Specialist: Rachel Davies

Rachel Davies runs the Freshwater Leech Recording Scheme alongside Craig Macadam. She is also a verifier on iRecord, and recently co-authored a field guide for freshwater leeches in the UK.

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