Course: Earthworms of the UK Part 2

Biological Recording Company

23rd September 2024

Cost: £10

Sectors: conservation & wildlife, ecology

The UK has 31 species of earthworms that can be found occurring in natural habitats that have been recorded to date. This presentation will explore these species and discuss what we know and what we don't know about them. Within the Earthworms of the UK webinars, we'll look at both common and rare species, including which species have been introduced from other parts of the world and highlight some species where the UK population could potentially be of global significance.

This webinar will explore the following species:

  • Aporrectodea rosea
  • Dendrobaena attemsi
  • Dendrobaena hortensis
  • Dendrobaena octaedra
  • Dendrobaena veneta
  • Lumbricus castaneus
  • Lumbricus festivus
  • Lumbricus rubellus
  • Octolasion cyaneum
  • Octolasion lacteum
  • Satchellius mammalis

The 90-minute event will consist of a 1-hour presentation followed by a Q&A with the tutor using questions provided by the live audience.

This webinar will be recorded and the presentation will be made available following the event to those booked alongside a transcript of the Q&A and useful links.

Earthworm Specialist: Keiron Derek Brown

Keiron Derek Brown is the UK’s national recorder for earthworms, a trustee of the Earthworm Society of Britain and delivers training on earthworm ecology, surveying and identification across the UK.

Missed Part 1? 

We offered Part 1 for free and to ensure that nobody misses out, we've made it available to view on YouTube.

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