Chair (Trustee)

Tree Musketeers


Volunteer • Part Time

Sectors: ecology

Closing date: Friday, 25th June 2021  

Who we are:

Tree Musketeers (TM) is the working name of registered membership charity, Hackney Tree People. 

TM is entirely volunteer-run and its core activity is raising, planting and caring for trees in Hackney’s green spaces. Trees benefit people’s physical and mental well-being in the city. They also benefit the environment by improving air quality, reducing noise pollution, reducing the urban heat island effect and provide habitat for the wildlife in our cities. 

We provide a way for people to engage with their local green spaces by organising public tree planting sessions, tree aftercare (watering and mulching) and leading local green space walks. TM works alongside park user groups and community groups in maintaining trees in estates, parks and community orchards. 

The Hackney Community Tree Nursery is where we propagate and nurture a wide selection of native and unusual trees for planting out in the borough. The Nursery also contains an orchard/forest garden and small apiary. 

What we're looking for:

We are looking for a new Chair of trustees to provide leadership to the organisation and the board. This would involve taking on the general responsibilities of being a trustee as well as having a wider focus on the organisation’s strategic plan, ensuring the charity delivers on its charitable purposes and works towards the highest standards of governance.

How to apply:

For more details about the role please contact: t[email protected]

We can provide a detailed role description upon enquiry. Please send an expression of interest, with details of relevant experience, by Friday 25 June.