Ecology Manager

The Derby & Sandiacre Canal Trust Ltd

Derby and Erewash, Derbyshire

Volunteer • Part Time [email protected] 07827 946444 Chris Madge

Sectors: ecology, water & hydrology

Closing date: Not specified, apply soon!

Position for an Ecology Manager

The Derby & Sandiacre Canal Trust is looking for an ecologist to join its team of volunteers to assist with the restoration of the Derby Canal. You may be trainee, recently qualified and looking to enhance your CV or recently retired and looking for a meaningful project to utilise your skills for social and environmental benefit.

What’s involved:

As a volunteer it would be for you to determine the time that you can offer to the Trust, whether that be a few hours a month or a few hours a week. The restoration of the Derby Canal will involve reinstating a canal where there is generally currently no water. This presents an excellent opportunity not only to enhance the canal path to the benefit of the public use for recreation (walking, cycling, riding the towpath or paddling/boating in the water, but also will create a connected linear green and blue corridor greatly enhancing the habitat for native flora and fauna.

Our organisation has a wealth of knowledge in canal construction and values the environmental contribution of a canal network, but needs access to more specialised knowledge and advice so that its planned restorations get maximum benefit. We anticipate that over time the volunteer would

  • Identify a team from our existing (and future) members willing to address ecology issues.
  • Review existing survey data (and get the team to undertake supplementary surveys) to draw up an ecology masterplan for the whole canal, identifying which native species would be suited to which sections. This may identify areas where a water meadow may exist alongside the canal, what plant species would be suited to attract fauna.
  • Identify training needs for the volunteers to ensure all species are covered.
  • Working from the agreed masterplan plan the layout of discrete sections specifying what habitat works would be needed. Planned developments would be drawn up in conjunction with infrastructure and recreational considerations and held awaiting funding/resources.
  • Coordinate a planned maintenance approach. At Draycott we anticipate to enhance the habitat for water voles and we will need to plan to manage the habitat and arrange protection from non native predatory species.
  • Be available to promote the planned sections to gain diversity net gain funding from developers.

Working experience and/or knowledge or access to knowledge in the following specialised areas is essential:

  1. Endangered species including water voles, greater crested newts, badgers and otters.
  2. Plants that support diverse wildlife and promotes insect, invertebrate and can create a virtuous circle of habitat enhancement. The Trust has already been active in replanting and laying hedgerows to encourage birds.
  3. Survey techniques for various species.

General capabilities should include

  1. An ability to motivate and manage volunteers
  2. An ability to draft out plans for use by non experts
  3. Good networking and connections with ecology groups such as the Wildlife Trusts

This is an opportunity to fill a gap in a volunteer organisation that is gaining pace in its restoration works and to make a real difference to everyone in the 400,000 people catchment area affected by this work. It is an opportunity to put ecology central to our project and to projects of sister organisations with whom this Trust regular cooperates.

For more information please contact Chris Madge by phone on 07827 946444 or by email at [email protected]

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