Photographer and/or Film Maker, Riverlands Project

National Trust

Holnicote, Somerset

Volunteer • Part Time 07741129245 Sammy Fraser

Sectors: conservation & wildlife, water & hydrology

Closing date: Sunday, 1st December 2019  

Photographer and/or Film Maker, Riverlands Project, Porlock Vale and Streams

Riverlands is a national project that aims to create rivers and catchments that are clean, healthy and rich in wildlife. We also want the project to inspire people to connect with rivers, nature and wildlife, increasing the relevance of rivers and other freshwaters in our lives. The Porlock project area includes the River Aller, Horner Water and Hawcombe Stream. It lies in the north-east corner of Exmoor National Park and has a combined river length of 44km. Working in collaboration with others, we will restore the rivers and their tributaries, improve water quality, protect endangered species such as the water vole, develop opportunities for species reintroduction such as beaver, and improve land management practices, both on land owned by the National Trust, as well as that of our neighbours.

Riverlands aims to increase local people’s connections with their rivers and streams and the wildlife found in them. This project will also focus on working with those who will benefit the most from nature, reaching out to new audiences. We’re looking for someone who has a keen eye for a good image to help us capture this project work and showcase the benefit it has for nature and the local community. We are also interested in making films with local schools. Riverlands is a national project, so this would be the perfect opportunity to promote the work of local photographers and film makers.

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