Drylands Management Coordinator

Sunseed Desert Technology

Sorbas, Almeria, Spain

Volunteer • Full Time

www.sunseed.org.uk admin.coordinator@sunseed.org.uk +34 950 525 770 Sunseed Desert Technology

Sectors: sustainability, water & hydrology

Closing date: Thursday, 31st January 2019  

Drylands Management Coordinator / stipend provided

(To be read in conjunction with the Background Information and Selection Procedure on our website that gives additional information about working and living at Sunseed)


Through observations of natural ecosystems, the Drylands Management department aims to understand the process of natural plant succession and the degradation and development of soil to formulate land-management policies. We attempt to work on a practical and realistic land-management strategy.

Stipend: 180 euro / month + lodging (food&accomodation)

Work in Drylands Management department is very varied and challenging. Historically, the project focused on the study of both native and exotic plants adapted to semi arid environments. Nowadays, department´s objectives are focused in environmental education, conservation and regeneration of local vegetal communities through sustainable and respectful methods. We look for techniques that allow and encourage the development of local vegetation and of long-term increases in biodiversity and stability.

Good management of wastewater is crucial in this semi-arid landscape and the department, together with technical team, is also responsible for maintenance of the project’s wastewater system. The department’s priority is to educate and teach visitors and volunteers about semi-arid environment, its plants and processes, give environmental education, explain geography and ecology of surroundings, teach low-tech methods in Drylands Management.

Technological limitations means that adaptability and originality are necessary factors when designing experiments and projects of action. Department has basic facilities which include a library of past records, a seed bank and a digital herbarium in development.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Implement and monitor a management plan for land restoration while fighting erosion, drought and restoring vegetal cover of the land.
  • Maintain a low-tech tree nursery, ensuring the appropriate production of trees and shrubs for use in the drylands development.
  • Incorporating volunteers into the work and methodology and development of their own projects to satisfactory completion.
  • Writing and supervising the production of reports, documenting larger projects, preparing projects proposals, producing literature.
  • Maintain tools, instruct on their proper use and apply safety rules

Other Responsibilities:

  • Maintain and build walls, paths, steps, fences and boundary markers.
  • Use low impact, sustainable methods of composting, safe wastewater management and erosion control.
  • Vegetation management including planting, pruning and harvesting.
  • Keeping clear records of the boundaries of our various parcels of land, of their geology, hydrology and plant cover, and of how they are changing over time.
  • Communicating our aims to a wide audience, online, in the village and elsewhere.

Essential Skills:

  • Experience and knowledge of drylands management, land resoration, water management and/or any related areas.
  • Tolerance of hard physical work in hot conditions.
  • Ability to lead and motivate volunteers, who range from those with a wealth of experience to those with little or none.
  • Ability to work in co-operation with other departments.

Desirable Skills:

  • Good spoken Spanish and English, (and/or other European Language) or willingness to learn
  • Previous experience living in a community environment
  • Age 25+, full driving license, for at least 5 years
  • Experience of Health and Safety issues
  • Sense of humour

To apply for this role:

Please send an email with the subject line ‘Sunseed staff application’ and your CV and letter of motivation stating how you meet the responsibilities of the post, to admin.coordinator@sunseed.org.uk.

Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted and the position will be appointed once a suitable candidate has been found.

Please mention environmentjob.co.uk when responding to this ad.