Start - Up Team Members in Frome and Salisbury

Edventure - School for community enterprise

Frome, Somerset

Volunteer • Part Time Amelia Parisian

Reference: Setting up a community enterprise in 10 weeks

Sectors: sustainability, carbon, climate & energy

Closing date: Monday, 20th August 2018   1 day left

We have volunteering opportunities for 20 people to work on two different projects with Edventure CIC this Autumn. 

Volunteers will join the edventure: START-UP course and can gain skills for the workplace, experience in social enterprise and a qualification in Leadership and management.

Our programs run for 10-weeks, part-time. As a volunteer/student, your role will include working with others to develop business ideas, carry out market research, develop a brand and run events . 

Edventure Frome 10th September - 13th November

We are looking for a team of 10 to work with two ethical fashion experts to set up a regular clothing exchange event in Frome. The aim is for these events to be a practical, ethical, fun and affordable way for local people to break dependence on chain retailers selling poor quality clothing that all too often ends up in bins.

Ethical fashion experts Liz and Lizzie will leading the clothing project. They have drawn inspiration from existing clothing exchanges, clothing rentals and libraries and will work with a team of volunteers/students to pioneer a new model of clothing exchange. The practical side of this project will involve designing and making signs, clothing displays storage and decor for the events.

Edventure Salisbury 1st October - 7th December

A team of 10 will tackle food waste in Salisbury by setting up a financially sustainable Community Fridge. A community fridge is a simple solution to food waste. It is a public fridge where people and businesses can drop off unwanted food and anyone who needs food can pick it up. The students will have 10 weeks to work out how this can work in Salisbury, engage the local community, find a sustainable business model and launch the fridge. 

These programme's are unique as they include comprehensive training. Please apply through the edventure: START-UP website.

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