Summer Research Assistant Opportunities

Indigo Expeditions

Highlands of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, Central America

Volunteer • Full Time 07876770693 Adela Mei

Reference: Wildlife Monitoring

Sectors: conservation & wildlife, ecology

Closing date: Friday, 27th July 2018  

Welcome to Indigo Expeditions, and thankyou for connecting with us!

Indigo Expeditions is a UK-based conservation research organisation. Our expeditions are designed for wildlife enthusiasts with a passion for exploring the tropics. We specialise in the reptile and amphibian groups, and are experts in the field of herpetology and ecology. All our expeditions are based on sound scientific principles, and our research contributes to global biodiversity targets.

Our expeditions explore remote areas, and are character building, and so by their very nature may be challenging mentally, emotionally, and physically. We believe these challenges are confidence building, and encourage teamwork, leadership skills, and the spirit of co-operation. We believe a willingness to participate, and to contribute to something greater than our individual selves, is all it takes to make the world a better place.

Summer Conservation Research in the Highlands of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala - Central America.

Our Xucaneb Amphibian Project promotes the conservation of amphibian biodiversity in the highlands of Guatemala, a hotspot of amphibian endemism. Our flagship species Plectrohyla teuchestes is endemic to the Xucaneb mountains of Alta Verapaz. Listed as Critically Endangered, its survival is threatened by habitat loss and disease.

As a Research Assistant on this Expedition, you will be conducting field surveys of both reptiles and amphibians, with a focus on Plectrohyla teuchestes, to help us establish critical baseline data.

You will also have the opportunity to:

  • Develop your field herpetology skills,
  • Evolve your understanding of reptile & amphibian biology,
  • Learn ethical & respectful animal handling methods,
  • Contribute to the conservation of critically endangered amphibians, and
  • Develop a deeper appreciation of the amazing creatures that we share this planet with.

We have established our key amphibian research in Alta Verapaz, deep in the central highlands of Guatemala. The facilities here are built using sustainable principles, deriving power from solar and hydro electric, making it the most environmentally friendly research site we have the pleasure of working at.

Due to the nature of the expedition, the group size is limited to 6 places. Previous field experience is not required.

Thank you for expressing an interest to explore with us! Any more questions? 

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DATES: 07 JUL - 20 JUL 2018 | 21 JUL - 1 AUG 2018 | 4 AUG - 17 AUG



During your time with us, we hope you will develop a deeper appreciation of the amazing creatures that we share this planet with.

Any more questions? Please just get in touch ASAP!



"A huge thanks to Rowland and Indigo Expeditions for yet another incredible experience. This is the third time I have out to this amazing country and spent it not only with a good friend, but a great teacher in fieldwork and practical herpetology. The accommodation and food at CCFC was amazing and to absorb the essence of this part of the world has seriously made my year. " Adam Rad, Research Assistant.

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