Swapshop Volunteer Facilitator

Shrub Coop


Volunteer • Part Time

www.shrubcoop.org joe.thompson@shrubcoop.org 0131 220 1884 Joe Thompson

Sectors: sustainability

Closing date: Saturday, 30th June 2018  

Role Outline:

The swapshop has been running at the Shrub on a volunteer basis since 2013. This was one of the key aspects of the Shrub as a centre for sustainable living, allowing people to swap and share towards a more circular economy. We are currently working towards Revolve accreditation, leading to higher standards for the goods we accept and display - with an aim to show that ‘second hand is not second best’! Check out our full project here: www.shrubcoop.org

What we need from you:

  • Consistency and punctuality: Be there when it’s your shift (opening 13:45 - 16:45, closing 16:15 - 19:15)
  • Act with integrity, make sure everything is done fairly and professionally
  • Use your initiative. Look around and see what needs to be done, prioritise what should be dealt with first, then either delegate to a volunteer who needs a job or do it yourself.
  • Respect the customers and volunteers.
  • Greet people who come in the shop warmly, make them feel welcome, even if you’re tired and grumpy.
  • When delegating tasks to volunteers make sure you don’t treat them like employees. They have given up their free time to help the Shrub, just like you, be grateful and encouraging while offering chance for people to get more involved and embedded if they show potential. * Get to know the swapshop. Familiarise yourself with the guides, use your curiosity to see what is in that mysterious drawer, get to know this quirky place.
  • Come along to, or submit a little check-up to, the monthly swapshop meetings. This can just be a short paragraph on your observations/any issues arising, how your volunteers are doing, and what you’d like to see in the swapshop, or whatever you want.
  • Meet up once in a while with the Swapshop Facilitator (Joe) to have a check-up and see how things are progressing.

What you can expect from us:

  • Support, from the Swapshop Facilitator, other volunteers and from the Welfare Working Group
  • Regular social events and opportunities to get together with the rest of the Shrub
  • Support when going on to employment
  • With references
  • With other aspects such as help framing your volunteer experience in the most impressive light possible. * First dibs on stuff that comes in through the swapshop!
  • Food to sustain your, and your volunteers’ energies through the shift
  • Great experience working for Edinburgh only Sustainability Co-op, on the coal-face of public perception-changing
  • Training and personal development opportunities
  • A warm fuzzy feeling that you’re doing a great thing for Edinburgh, the community, and the environment!

Other information:

Where: 13 Guthrie Street, EH1 1JG

When: Pick a shift! Each day has an opening (13:45 - 16:45) and a closing shift (16:15 - 19:15), the days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.


Email: joe.thompson@shrubcoop.org

Call us: on 0131 220 1884 / 07533479043

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