Island Conservation Society

Aride Island, Seychelles

Volunteer • Full Time • Temporary

www.arideisland.com hr@ics.sc +248 4375354 Sheila Lee

Sectors: conservation & wildlife, marine conservation

Closing date: Not specified, apply soon!


ICS is looking for Volunteers from January 2018 onwards.


It is no exaggeration to say that Aride is one of the finest tropical island nature reserves in the world. For the right volunteer candidate this is an exceptional opportunity, possibly the experience of a lifetime and tremendously rewarding. However, please be aware it is no picnic. Living conditions are basic, the work can be demanding and the climate can be a drain on those unaccustomed to the tropics. It is not for the faint hearted. However, for those with the right aptitude and interests working as an Aride volunteer is an exceptional opportunity. We welcome young graduates who wish to pursue a career in conservation, individuals with a conservation interest who are able to bring skills such as IT or practical work and also more experienced individuals seeking something different.

Volunteers assist with all aspects of the island’s work including scientific monitoring and research, maintenance of the paths, buildings and other infrastructure, launching and landing boats, patrolling the island and leading tours for visiting tourists.

Requirements for volunteers:

  1. Volunteers are required to complete and sign a volunteer agreement form when they commence their volunteer position with ICS. This must be completed on Mahe before departure to Aride and handed over to the ICS Human Resources Manager.
  2. Volunteers must abide by the same regulations, disciplinary procedures and minimum working hours as paid ICS staff and follow the reporting lines specified for the appropriate island in the ICS Staff Handbook (will be provided on arrival)
  3. A completed questionnaire form to be emailed to the ICS Human Resources Manager, not less than 2 weeks prior to departure (available for download on the Aride website). Volunteers are encouraged to give as much feedback as possible about their experience.
  4. A report recording any work undertaken while on the island, using the island computer. This must be completed on the island before departure and sent to the ICS Human Resources Manager.


Once your application has been accepted, the ICS Human Resources Manager hr@ics.sc shall advise you on items needed.

For 3 months stay on Aride you will require a ‘Visitor’s Permit’ and this is given on arrival at the airport. If, while on Aride and before your 3 months expires you decide to stay longer then you would need to make a request to the ICS Human Resources Manager. If this is approved you will need to pay SCR5,000 for a visa extension.

For 3 months or longer internships you can request a GOP (ICS will cover the administration costs but you will need to pay for your medical tests) but ICS needs to be informed 6 months in advance to the start date (details will follow).

ICS will contribute £375 towards your international flight and provide free accommodation on Aride. However, you will be responsible for your living expenses whilst on Aride. Note ICS shall pay you £275 up front and £100 upon submission of a report/questionnaire on successful completion of your volunteer placement.

Air Seychelles, Kenya Airways (via Nairobi), Qatar (via Doha), Emirates (via Dubai), Ethiad via Abu Dhabi fly to Mahe are reliable airlines and routes commonly used.


There are usually one or two shopping trips organised each week to Grande-Anse on Praslin (weather permitting of course!) - (more details will be sent if interested)

What to bring to Aride: (Details will be sent)

Useful websites

Please refer to the Links pages of the Aride website & ICS website: www.islandconservationseychelles.com

Please mention environmentjob.co.uk when responding to this ad.