Breeding Bird Volunteer Surveyor

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust


Volunteer • Part Time

Sectors: conservation & wildlife, ecology

Closing date: Tuesday, 30th April 2024  

Are you a keen birder who could put their skills to use and contribute to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust monitoring? Do you love early mornings, gorgeous sunrises, and exceptional wildlife sightings? If you love birds, getting out into nature and exploring, then the Volunteer Breeding Bird surveying (BBS) opportunity is perfect for you!

Breeding Bird Surveyors monitor the status and trends of bird populations. The data collected helps us create maps of bird populations in particular areas but more importantly for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust it will help to inform the work that we may or may not do on our nature reserves.

Data collected can show whether a particular bird species is in decline and that could help us to understand what we may need to do to manage a reserve to halt that decline and ultimately reverse it. It may lead to habitat creation, or changes in management practice that will hopefully benefit that species. Or it could be that we find out a species is thriving; prompting more research into why that might be.

If you are able to identify birds by call, song and by sight throughout spring and summer, we would love to hear from you. This is a great way to learn new skills, get some exercise and fill your lungs with fresh air.

We are currently looking to recruit Volunteer Breeding Bird Surveyors at the following reserves:ย 

  • Birch Wood (North)
  • Bolton-on-Swale Lake (North)
  • Garbutt Wood (North)
  • Ripon City Wetlands (North)
  • Staveley (North)
  • Upper Dunsforth Carrs (North)
  • Chafer Wood (North-east)
  • Harland Mount (North-east)
  • Little Beck Wood (North-east)
  • Barlow Common (East)
  • Bolton Percy (East)
  • Strensall Common (East)
  • Ashes Pasture (North-west)
  • Grass Wood (North-west)
  • Newbiggin Pastures (North-west)
  • Southerscales (North-west)
  • Denaby Ings (South)
  • Sprotbrough Flash (South)

We are particularly looking for volunteers to help survey the reserves listed above, but if you would be interested in volunteering at one of our other reserves, we would still love to hear from you.

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