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News & announcements

  • New year – new sector!

    21st January 2020

    After some deliberation we’ve added an environmental management sector. This new sector will mainly cover environmental consultancy, ISO 14001, audit, permitting and monitoring related jobs.

  • Charity donations 2019

    19th December 2019

    It’s that time of year again. Our charity donations for this year were to: Family Holiday Association, The Christmas Dinner, The Magpie Project and The Hygiene Bank. They each received £2,131.

  • Price rise

    1st January 2019

    We’ve had a price rise! The first since January 2016. New rates are here. Don’t forget you can puchase ads in advance to reduce the cost.

  • Charity donations 2018

    28th November 2018

    Every year we donate a percentage of our profit (what’s left after expenses and salaries) to charity.

    This year the total was £7,064, split between: 52 Lives, The Choir with No Name, Room to Heal and Exeter Food Action.

  • A nicer job seeker experience

    8th January 2018

    Our New Year’s gift to you – here’s what’s new:

    • Tabs! When you’re signed in as a job seeker you now have separate tabs for saved ads, alerts & settings.
    • Sort on saved ads – you can now sort saved ads by closing date, posting date or the date you saved them.
    • Closing soon reminder emails – we can now send you a reminder 5 days before the closing date for your saved job ads.

  • Charity donations 2017

    6th December 2018

    We donate a percentage of our profit to charity.

    This year the total was £6,564, split between: DEC, ShelterBox, The Lemn Sissay Foundation and Refugee Support Devon.

  • More listing options

    16th October 2017

    As well as our standard listing we now offer enhanced and premium listings. Both offer much more exposure and are recommended for senior roles!

    Details of all listing options are available on our advertising & rates page. Any questions – just get in touch.

  • Better, more mobile friendly email

    22nd June 2017

    Over 50% of job seekers now read our daily alerts and weekly update on a mobile device. We’ve updated the design of both to display more clearly on small screens.

  • Charity donations 2016

    3rd November 2016

    Every year we donate a percentage of our net profit (what’s left after expenses and salaries) to charity.

    This year the total was £6,572, split between: Hand in Hand for Syria, ShelterBox, Médecins Sans Frontières and Mad Dogs Street Project.

  • Price rise

    1st January 2016

    We’ve had a price rise! The first in 3 years. Our new rates are here. Still great value we hope! Don’t forget you can puchase ads in advance to reduce the cost.

    Our promotion pricing stays the same.

  • Multiple logos

    29th September 2015

    A feature we’ve been meaning to add for ages – you can now have up to 5 logos on one ad at no extra cost. They look like this. Now you can give full prominence to your funders & partner organisations!

  • Advertiser area redesign

    14th June 2015

    We’ve just deployed a major redesign of the advertiser area, we hope it makes it easier to use – especially for new advertisers.

  • Charity donations

    11th June 2015

    We donate a proportion of our profit each year to environmental charities.

    This year the total was £5,276, split between five charities: Devon Wildlife Trust – Wild Beaver Project, Freshwater Habitats Trust, Cambrian Wildwood and the Marine Conservation Society – Don’t Let Go Campaign.

  • New look for email

    9th December 2014

    Following on from the redesign launched in November, we’ve updated the way our job alerts and weekly update look.

    Hopefully the email is easier to scan and looks much better on mobile phones. We also hope it’s a little prettier!

  • Redesign!

    4th November 2014
    We’ve just deployed a big redesign of the site. We hope you like it. Lots of goodness in there:

    • It all looks much prettier – especially the pages you use the most
    • The whole site will look a lot better on mobile phones (now 20% of our traffic)
    • We’ve introduced sector pages – everything to do with a sector in one place – here is the sector page for conservation & wildlife
    • We’ve added some really nice career stories
    • You can now sort ads by closing date as well as posting date
    • And we have maps on job ads!

    As ever, if you find anything that doesn’t work as you’d expect – get in touch

  • Updates on your phone

    18th February 2014

    Just deployed a sneaky code update to make the weekly update look much nicer on smaller devices like phones and tablets. Take a look.

  • New search features

    4th February 2014

    We’ve updated our search filters, making them much more flexible. You can now filter by multiple sectors, locations etc. and then save the search as an email alert.

    We’ve also made the weekly update and daily alerts look a little nicer too!

  • Job seeker accounts

    3rd December 2013

    We’re happy to announce that you can now create job seeker accounts on EJ. This allows you to create customised email alerts and save ads you’re interested in.

    Just head over to the job seeker registration page and enter your details.

  • Sectors

    15th October 2013

    We’ve just rejigged our sectors – we hope this doesn’t faze anyone too much – here are the changes:

    Carbon, Climate & Energy

    This includes the old sectors Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

    Most energy and climate jobs include at least some of the three old sectors – much easier to just have one.

    We would have called it Carbon, Climate & Sustainable Energy but that was too long!

    Environmental Policy & Campaigning

    This is a renaming of the Environmental Campaigning sector – policy jobs now have a proper home.


    This now includes the old Recycling sector.

    Conservation & Wildlife

    This is a renaming of the Conservation sector.

  • Charity donations

    2nd October 2013

    We donate a proportion of our profit each year to environmental charities. Everyone who works for EJ chooses a charity for their share.

    This year we were pleased to split £5,200 between five charities: the Marine Conservation Society, Wildscreen, Small Woods, Carrifran Wildwood and the Species Recovery Trust.

  • New servers

    20th May 2013

    We moved the site to new servers over the weekend, it went very smoothly, but if you see anything that looks like a problem – let us know.

  • Price rise

    3rd January 2013

    We’ve had a price rise! The first in 3 years. Our new rates are here. Still great value we hope! With this price rise we’ve also added new discounts for 3 or more listings purchased at the same time.

    Don’t forget you can also make every ad cheaper if you can link to us from the jobs page of your website.

  • Advertiser survey

    12th November 2012

    Thanks to all who completed our advertiser survey. 96% of you said that you would recommend us as a place to advertise paid job vacancies. That’s brilliant!

    Congratulations to Julija Kolesnikova from the Soil Association who won the £150 Amazon voucher and a free featured ad.

    Lots of you said nice things – here’s a selection:

    “Quick, easy to use, fast response when you submit a vacancy, usually better staff apply if they come via environmentjob, easy to make changes if required, friendly staff.”

    “I would highly recommend you to others. Your service to our sector is exemplary.”

    “It always provides a high calibre of candidates with a large percentage of them having good conservation experience. Communication is very good. Excellent support staff – very professional and helpful.”

    “WE LOVE YOU GUYS! Been loyal customers for more than a decade.”

    “It’s a great way for small NGOs like ours to find volunteers who can make a big difference to the amount of work we can do by fundraising or offering their services gratis.”

    “Well done – good site – we make most of our appointments via your site.”

    “We got the highest number of applications and shortlisted the largest number of applicants for the two posts from your website.”

    “It reaches to the core of environmental people looking for a job and as a result it is very effective at recruiting excellent candidates into our organisation.”

  • 50,000th subscriber

    16th October 2012

    We signed up the 50,000th subscriber to our weekly email update today. If you haven’t already done so, join the 50,000 here!

  • 10th Birthday

    25th September 2012

    It’s our birthday! Hard to believe but it’s 10 years since EJ first went live. Take a look at our Facebook page to see how we celebrated and what the site looked like back then.

  • 2012 charity donations

    3rd September 2012

    We donate a proportion of our profit each year to environmental charities.

    Everyone who works for EJ gets to choose a charity for their share. This year we were pleased to split £2,000 between the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Surfers Against Sewage, Red Rose Forest and the Marine Conservation Society.

  • Job seeker survey

    16th August 2012

    Our user survey is now closed, congratulations to Catherine Collop who won the iPod.

    We had a great response to the survey – over 400 completed, lots of useful feedback.

    97% of you said that you’d recommend us – thanks for that!

    We asked you what you thought we could add or do better and so thought it would be good to respond to some of the points:

    “Clean interface, speedy”

    Thanks, that’s what we’re aiming for.

    “Damn easy to use!”


    “Interesting jobs”

    Again that’s what we’re about!

    “No recruiters clogging it up with useless rubbish”

    A little harsh, but we do agree a little bit.

    “Advertise even more jobs”

    We can only advertise what recruiters want us to – but we do spend all day everyday on this!

    “Add CV upload”

    We’re adding this next.

    “Add customized job alerts”

    Yep, also in the next big update.

    “You should allow filtering by level/experience”

    Already do that. Just click on a the jobs list and you’ll see a ‘Level’ filter.

    “Add regional searches”

    Yep already have that. Just click on the jobs list, and you’ll see a list of regions

    “I want to be able to search by more than one region/sector at a time”

    That’s more difficult – we’ve put it on the list to figure out.

    “Your new search is more of a faff than before”

    Umm, possibly. We’d like to think it’s a bit more obvious. Don’t forget you can bookmark searches though, so if you have a search you do often, just bookmark it and it’s one click away!

    “Some ads don’t have a closing date which can be confusing”

    Yes, some recruiters don’t want to specify a closing date, the rule with these is apply as soon as you can.

    “Show jobs grouped by employer ie RSPB

    You can do that, just click on the ‘More from this organisation’ link – here is the list for the RSPB.

    “What about having a graduate jobs tab?”

    You can filter for graduate/entry level jobs with the Level filter.

    “What about updates on social media”

    We have a feed of our latest job postings go into our twitter account and we more occasionally post jobs onto our Facebook page.

    “I think it’s great as it is, Please don’t ruin it by trying to make it modern”

    Not sure how to take that, but we’ll try not to!

  • Featured ads

    13th June 2012

    New on environmentjob.co.uk – featured ads. You can now highlight your ad at the top of the site or in the weekly email update. More details & pricing here.

  • Better search

    2nd February 2012

    It’s been a long time in the making, but we’ve finally deployed much better search to the site. Take a look and let us know what you think.

  • Twitter

    9th November 2011

    We’re finally putting our twitter account to good use with a feed of the latest jobs.

  • 30,000 ad!

    19th October 2011

    We just posted our 30,000 ad! It was this one: “Education Officer – The Isis Education Centre, The LookOut, Hyde Park”

  • Filter by level

    14th July 2011

    Just to let you know we’ve added a new filter to job search. You can now search by “Level”, choosing either “Entry Level”, “Mid Level” or “Senior”.

    A much requested feature – just go to the jobs list to try it out.

  • 40,000 subscribers

    31st January 2011

    We’ve reached 40,000 subscribers to our email update! Not yet a subscriber? Sign up here. We make a point of never sending you anything except the weekly update.

  • New company name

    18th November 2010

    We’ve changed our company name! We wanted a name that better reflects what we do. The new name is Working Planet Limited. Don’t worry, we’ve not been bought or anything. The environmentjob.co.uk name won’t change.

    Our new company website is here: www.workingplanet.co.uk

  • New website

    20th September 2010

    The new site is finally here, we upgraded over the weekend.

  • New website preview

    2nd September 2010

    Coming soon, a new version of the EJ website! It’s taken more than a year and involved a complete rewrite, but it’s almost here. Check out our facebook page for some previews. We’ve tried to keep
    what people liked about the site – simplicity, speed, clarity, and added what was missing – keyword search, RSS, etc. We hope to be going live with it towards the end of September.

  • 2010 Charity donations

    1st September 2010

    We donate a proportion of our profit each year to environmental charities. Everyone who works for EJ gets to choose a charity for their share. This year we were pleased to split £4,000 between the Centre for Alternative Technology, Friends of the Earth, Waste Watch, Buglife, Life Cycle UK and the Marine Conservation Society. If you work for a charity and would like to put it forward for next year just email us a paragraph about the organisation and we’ll take a look.

  • Office move

    25th March 2010

    We’ve moved! We’re now based at the Innovation Centre, on the University of Exeter campus. Lots more space and great views of the city and hills. We can even see the sea (just)!

  • Busiest ever month

    18th February 2010

    A great start to the year with well over one million pageviews in January. By far the busiest month we’ve ever had, and it looks like February will be equally busy.

  • Price rise

    1st January 2010

    A price rise this month, the first for a couple of years and only the 3rd we’ve ever had. We’ve kept prices fixed for those people who link to us from the jobs section of their website though. At £49 per ad for charities and £79 per ad for everyone else these rates are now even better value. If you’re interested in linking and getting these discounts, do get in touch.

  • Testimonials

    5th October 2009

    We’ve had some really great feedback recently – see our testimonials page. It’s really pleasing that people have found the site so useful.

  • Most popular ad.. ever

    1st October 2009

    We have a new “most popular ad ever” – MSc Conservation Biology from the University of Cumbria with 9,072 click-throughs to the details page!

  • 20,000th ad

    18th September 2009

    We posted our 20,000th ad today. It was a Fundraising Officer ad for the RSPB. Long may it continue.

  • Record pageviews

    26th February 2009

    A record number of pageviews in January – 940,000! We were kind of aiming for a nice round million – but that’s still an awful lot of clicks. We also had our most popular ever ad in December (an Environment Agency vacancy) with 8,188 click-throughs to the details page.

  • 15,000th ad

    18th June 2008

    We posted our 15,000 ad last week. Hurrah!

  • Charity donations

    31st January 2008

    We give 10% of our profit to environmental charities. At the end of 2007 we were happy to give money to the Sumatran Orangutan Society, Butterfly Conservation and the Alliance Against Urban 4×4s.

  • User survey completed

    14th January 2008

    We’ve now completed our user survey – thanks to all who took part and congratulations to Chris Dean who won the iPod. The results were interesting, lots and lots of you have found jobs through the site, and some people 3 or 4. Most people like the simplicity of site and they
    wanted to keep it very much as it is.

  • User survey

    11th December 2007

    We’re interested in your thoughts on environmentjob.co.uk. Take part in our 2007 User Survey and you’ll be entered into our draw to win an iPod nano. Just email us your name and phone number. The survey shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. Privacy: your telephone number will only be used for this survey, it will not be stored and will not be passed on.

  • Lowcarbon.com

    19th November 2007

    We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new site lowcarbon.com specialising in renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate and carbon jobs.

  • Lowcarbon.com

    19th November 2007

    We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new site lowcarbon.com specialising in renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate and carbon jobs.

  • Price rise

    10th September 2007

    A price rise this month, only the second in the 5 years we’ve been running – we’re still cheap though!

  • New features

    4th May 2007

    A couple of new site features this month. We now have a Climate Change sector (about time!) and the ability to search for jobs by job function – administration, IT, HR, communications & PR – that sort of thing.

  • Charity donations

    20th December 2006

    Every year we donate 10% of our net profit (what’s left after expenses and salaries) to environmental charities. This year we were happy to give money to Devon Wildlife Trust, Trees for Life and the Bat Conservation Trust.

  • Now advertising new and events as well as jobs and volunteering

    15th November 2006

    Big news! We now advertise courses and events as well as jobs and volunteering.

    We’ve updated the search page and email update to reflect this and hopefully make it just as easy to find what you’re looking for. We’ve also added the ability to search for more than one sector and location at a time.

  • Now advertising new and events as well as jobs and volunteering

    28th July 2006

    Take a look at our new profiles page. Want to know how to get a job in conservation? Or what’s involved in being a Wildlife Officer? Read first hand accounts from those in the know!

  • Top 20 page

    9nd June 2006

    We though it would be interesting for people to see what’s popular on the site – hence our new Top 20 page – the 20 most viewed ads on the site, updated constantly.

  • Logos

    26th March 2006

    We now do logos! If you’re advertising, just tick the “Include logo” checkbox when creating an ad, and we’ll contact you and upload your logo for display. A bargain at £10 per ad.

  • Busiest month

    28th February 2006

    2006 started with a bang for us, with our busiest month by far; 600,000 pageviews and 122,000 visits in January. We’re working away at some interesting additions to the site, and so keep an eye out for those in the coming months.

  • Prices

    1st November 2005

    We’ve increased our prices, although hopefully still great value! New pricing is here.

    Why a price increase? Well the website is now attracting a huge amount of traffic, 450,000 pageviews in September, and we need to invest in some serious hardware to cover future growth. Most importantly though we have some really exciting plans for developing the service in future, all of which will be made possible with this price change.

  • 3 years old this week

    5th September 2005

    It’s our birthday! environmentjob.co.uk is 3 years old this week. We’ve also managed to get some of the results from the user survey we undertook at the beginning of the year online. They’re here. You’re a pretty clever and experienced lot!

  • Testimonials

    12th July 2005

    We finally have some of our testimonials on the site. We were in two minds because testimonials can be pretty cheesy – but people have been very kind in what they’ve said and so we wanted to have them on the site.

  • Traffic up 30%

    19 February 2005

    January was again out busiest month ever, up 30% from our previous busiest month to 400,000 pageviews. Many more advertisers signing up with us and passing the 14,000 subscriber mark for our jobs by email service have made this a great month.

  • 10,000th subscriber

    15 July 2004

    We signed up our 10,000th subscriber to our jobs by email service today, a great milestone for us. After 18 months online we think we’re now the number one jobs and volunteering resource for the sectors we cover. To join the 10,000 sign up here!

  • Busiest month

    23 April 2004

    March was our busiest month so far with 245,000 page views and 55,000 visits. Our email update is now emailed to more than 8,500 subscribers each week.

  • Copycat

    28 March 2004

    We’ve been copied! They say imitation is the sincerest from of flattery but this is taking it a bit far – they’ve lifted the idea, the layout, the structure, even whole sentences – we think our three photos are nicer though.

  • Refer a friend

    16 January 2004

    Refer a new advertiser to us and we’ll send you a lovely bottle of organic wine to say thanks. More information.

  • Charging for job ads

    1 October 2003

    We have started charging for jobs ads, details here, this will allow us to develop the site, spend some money on marketing and pay some wages. Volunteers ads are still free.

  • Happy birthday EJ

    1 September 2003

    It’s our birthday! environmentjob.co.uk has now been online for a year.

  • A plan

    26 August 2003

    After a year of running environmentjob.co.uk for free we are planning to charge for job ads on the site from end of September. We are aiming to set charges that are fair but which allow us to continue to run the site and even pay some wages. What we have in mind is £30 per ad for advertisers who link to us from their website and £50 per ad otherwise. Volunteer ads will continue to be free. Any feedback on these charges appreciated.

  • Busiest month

    13 August 2003

    The last couple of month have seen huge growth in both the number of advertisers and job seekers using the site. July was our busiest month so far with 226,000 pageviews and 28,000 visits. Our Jobs by Email update is now mailed to 4,000 subscribers.

  • Latest page

    10 April 2003

    March was another very busy month with 175,000 page views and 19,000 visits, again the busiest month so far. We’ve added a “latest” page which lists the postings added in the last couple of days, we hope this is useful.

  • Online six months

    1 March 2003

    environmentjob.co.uk has now been online 6 months, we hope that you have found the site a useful resource. February was our busiest month so far with 125,000 pageviews and 14,000 visits. Advertising job and volunteer vacancies is still free, feedback is telling us that employers are receiving a useful number of good quality applicants from their ads.