Head of Communications

Global Action Plan

£50,000 - £55,000 pa

Paid • Full or Part Time • Permanent

www.globalactionplan.org.uk [email protected] 02045343913 Clair McCowlen

Sectors: environmental policy & campaigning, sustainability, carbon, climate & energy

Closing date: Monday, 13th December 2021  

Global Action Plan is looking for a communications strategist who’s passionate about driving action for the sake of our health and the health of our planet.

Are you a talented and experienced communications expert who has formed compelling positionings on complex topics, found creative means of engaging the media and worked with influential collaborations to drive meaningful change?

The issues which we deal with are topical, there is a huge opportunity for us to seize the moment, we are looking for a dynamic communications lead who will drive forward exciting new campaigns to reach and engage new audiences.

Our strategy

Challenge the drivers of harmful behaviour

Entire systems and £billions of investment dictate aspirations and behaviours that are destructive for people and planet.

We must expose the forces that drive unsustainable behaviour, the vested voices that put climate change purely on the shoulders of the individual and the manipulative practices that seek to erode the compassionate values we all share. We aim to make smart challenges to these seemingly impenetrable systems.

Example: Our End Surveillance Advertising to Kids campaign has built a cross-sector coalition to demonstrate its harmful impact on children and planet. We have launched research, built public pressure and supported legal action and regulatory change to make surveillance advertising illegal.

Create alternative visions to inspire change

We need an alternative future that compels us in a different direction.

Much of the current sustainability narrative is about loss – of luxury, liberty, movement, or is dry and technological – a world of machines and efficiency.

We need diverse stories and visions of a sustainable world that we can relate to, are inspired to strive towards and also that sets out the scale of change necessary – not patronising or misleading people that swapping plastic bags for reusable will cut it.

Example: Our Flickers of the Future campaign supported by a panel of film sector experts including Patron Richard Curtis, has inspired 100s of young film-makers to submit their visions of a better world. We are working with BAFTA, the Royal Television Society and MTV to get these stories in front of broadcasters and a youth audience to change how sustainable futures are presented on our screens.

Equip people to take action together, today

There are so many solutions ready to employ, so much goodwill to harness and each of us can, and must play an important role in creating a better future for all people and the planet. We use our research and the latest behavioural insights to develop tools and mechanisms that support large movements for change.

Example: We run Clean Air Day each year together with over 200 supporting organisations. The day inspires hundreds of events, individual actions and incredible media coverage ensuring communications, tools and activities (co-developed with the health sector) reach the public.

We work with Virgin Media O2 on helping young people to have the difficult but necessary conversations about climate change.

We work on the Persil Dirt is Good project on the importance of compassion in encouraging youth action

The role

The Head of Communications will

  • Lead the communications strategies for our key communications campaigns, working with the communications and digital team to deliver to these strategies
  • Form strategic positionings on key topics within the Clean air and Post consumerism movements to ensure greater understanding among our audiences
  • Lead on maximising tactical opportunities for gaining greater traction for our issues
  • Work to influence the broadcast and creative sectors such that they incorporate sustainable lifestyles in their output
  • Lead GAP’s global campaigns to engage children on their right to clean air
  • Work to engage the education sector on providing opportunities for young people within the school system

We are looking for a Head of Youth Communications who wants to change the future for young people.

The right candidate will be driven by a passion to see change in the world. They will be ambitious and determined, prepared to create strong statements on key issues and drive game changing campaigns.

They will sit on the management team at GAP and be part of the Marketing and Communications team, managed by the Director of Marketing. They will line manage members of the Marketing and Communications team.

Key skills and experience

The successful candidate will have demonstrable experience in:

  • Setting the strategy for and leading the delivery of multi-stakeholder and multi-media communications campaigns
  • Collaborating and building networks with stakeholders to achieve clear outcomes
  • Developing and delivering campaigns which lead to significant media coverage
  • Driving powerful and engaging social media campaigns which find innovative ways to engage their audiences
  • Influencing sector thinking on challenging issues through defining positionings on complex issues
  • Generating and putting into action new creative ideas with agencies or partner organisations
  • Sourcing and telling stories which represent a wide range of voices to represent less heard perspectives

You will have the following qualities

  • Great relationship management skills, with an ability to build, grow and maintain rapport with GAP teams, clients, delivery partners and external stakeholders
  • Influencing skills, in order to bring others onside with your vision and plans
  • Flexible and adaptive approach, relishing the chance to take on new challenges and quick to respond
  • Strong creative and technical skills across all social platforms with an ability to use insights to drive campaigns
  • Demonstrable written and oral communication skills, to clearly communicate messages through a range of mediums to widespread audiences, including business
  • A self-starter, with a constructive and collaborative approach
  • Provide inspirational leadership, sharing your comms expertise with others, showing kindness and empathy as you skill up those around you
  • Be naturally helpful and proactive, you will pride yourself on stepping in where needed across the many GAP projects to provide comms support

If this all sounds exciting and sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you. We are looking for someone who will enjoy the fun and purpose of GAP. For more information on working with Global Action Plan, the full job description and to apply for the role, please follow the link below.

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