Farm Discovery Coordinator x6

The Country Trust

Teesside, North East, Portsmouth, South Essex/Herts, Leicestershire, Birmingham/East Midlands

Paid • Part Time • Fixed Term Contract

Sectors: environmental education, food, farming & horticulture

Closing date: Monday, 28th June 2021  

Have you always loved engaging children with the world around them or with the food they eat and  where it came from? Do you think you could use your passion and skills to bring others such as teachers and farmers along with you on a journey to inspire children with the fewest opportunities to explore the world around them?

We are looking for someone with this passion and these skills to promote, organise and deliver Farm Discovery visits for schools in areas of high disadvantage. The role will also involve providing our new Farm in a Box programme. You will have responsibility for identifying and recruiting suitable host farms and schools for these visits and activities, as well as building and maintaining these relationships over time. We would love it if you had experience of leading cooking and nutrition sessions for children too.

We are looking for someone who….

..inspires confidence …

Who can take a group of children and their accompanying adults safely into a new and unfamiliar space and open the door to irresistible learning experiences. Who can inspire children to recognise, touch and taste fresh ingredients and cook simple, delicious meals with them.

…is a skilled communicator and networker…

Who can engage and inspire teachers to want to bring their class on a farm visit. You need to make them feel safe, see clearly where these visits can offer value, listen to their needs and priorities, and get them excited about what you can do together.

Who can engage farmers and other food providers to work with you to help create these irresistible learning experiences. They need to feel both excited to work with you and clear about what this will entail.

…can become an expert guide...

You need to be someone who can walk into a farm or countryside space and bring it alive for those with limited opportunities to explore the world around them. This will involve working with a farmer to help them tell their story in a way which will excite and engage. You will also need to be able to understand and manage the risks that outdoor and farm spaces bring.

...will be a great team member…

We know that we are greater than the sum of our parts. We are an organisation full of possibilities and we are looking for someone who wants to work and contribute to that kind of environment. 

..will expand our horizons...

We want our team to better reflect the amazing diversity of the children and communities we work with. We are excited about the connections, creativity, and inspiration that this will bring and most of all we are committed to finding the right people for the job.

If you are passionate and interested but are not sure whether you have the right experience, contact us to discuss your application further [email protected]

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