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Midsummer Energy

Milton, Cambridge
£30,000 - £50,000, plus profit share

Paid • Full Time • Permanent


Sectors: carbon, climate & energy

Closing date: Not specified, apply soon!

Are you passionate about web development? Do you want to join a small, friendly team where your work will immediately make a difference? Would you like to use your skills to make positive difference to the world, and work in a field you believe in? We'd love to hear from you! 

Our core business is distributing components of renewable energy systems - but we also build software to design renewable power systems and we've got exciting plans to develop them further. Our tools are used every day by hundreds of system designers already - but it's time to take them to the next level, and we are looking for people with the skills and enthusiasm to make it happen.

Who we are

We're primarily a distributor of renewable energy systems - from solar panels to batteries and heat pumps. Many of our staff operate forklifts rather than keyboards. 

However, computing plays a huge role for us. IT is an opportunity to help people design PV systems quickly and correctly, simplify our interactions with customers, and manage our own business well. Having an in-house web development team means we can do all these things with great speed and flexibility.

This approach has led us to build Easy-PV, our online PV design tool. Easy-PV lets users design PV systems in a matter of seconds, with all the correct mounting and electrical components. At the click of a button, it also does financial projections, schematics, structural calculations, and even fills out electrical commissioning forms for the user. Easy-PV is geared towards the UK market - where it is hugely popular - but we also have versions tailored for the Irish market, global users, and several private versions customised for large installers and one of the UK's largest electricity suppliers. 

We're working on a design tool for heat pumps as well - there will be some exciting opportunities to develop this in the next few years as people move from fossil fuel heating to heat pumps. It's a market that's just beginning, and we're in the right place to make a real difference to the world with the software that we write.

Midsummer Energy is a growing company, and for the development team, there is lots of exciting work to be done.

Who we’re looking for

You’re naturally talented and creative, experienced at coding, and you want a career that will make a difference. Disappearing into a large organisation or doing the same thing every day doesn't appeal, and you'd like to put your skills to use to make the planet greener as well as earn your keep. You've got a head for detail, a passion for design and love to spend your days crafting intuitive and enjoyable interfaces to complex software. 

You’re an experienced web developer, able to take your own initiative and deliver small projects by yourself, or larger projects by working collaboratively with others. We are a small team, and you'll need to turn your hand to everything - so ideally you will have experience in the 'full stack' of web development, from server administration, database development and maintenance, back-end scripts, and in developing functional and attractive user interfaces with HTML, CSS and javascript. Most of our applications are built on a conventional Apache, MySQL, PHP stack - as web-based applications, though, the majority of the code is javascript running on the user's browser. Increasingly we are developing new back-end functionality in node.js rather than PHP. If you have specialised in a particular aspect of web development or have other experience of coding, we would still like to hear from you - as long as you are keen and able to pick up the skills you need to work on the full stack quickly!

Motivation is important to us - we are passionate about using our web tools to ease the move to cleaner sources of energy. We would expect you to share our sense of purpose and vision.

What it offers

You'll be joining a small team - we're currently a team of 3 full-time developers and the founder - and the work you will do will immediately make a difference. Our office and warehouse work side by side, so you’ll be sharing a dynamic, busy site with the rest of the team. There’s a friendly and informal atmosphere, and a real buzz when things get going. We're looking to recruit further for the development team in the near future too. Depending on your experience, there may be the opportunity to manage others on the team.

Salary will be between £30K and £50K, depending on your experience and background. We will aim to be competitive, but you should expect the lower end of that range if you have held relatively junior positions to date. We will offer towards the upper end of range for candidates who have operated as a senior developer, and have experience in managing teams or complex projects.

In addition to base salary we have a policy of sharing 10% of the profits of the company equally amongst long-term employees. In time this can add significantly to your basic pay, although you should note that you would not be eligible for the profit share in the first year of your employment.

Please review the application pack and then complete the online application form. If you have any questions before applying, please email us at [email protected].

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