Kinetica Energy

Kinetica Energy offers a green solution to the generation of electricity by deploying small wind turbines on suitable sites and fully finances the feasibility, planning, construction and ongoing maintenance of the small wind technologies. Generating electricity using this green method is proving popular with people that feel passionately about protecting the environment and lowering their carbon footprint as it significantly reduces the carbon emissions associated with more traditional methods of electricity generation. The small wind turbines are more sympathetic to the landscape and ecology and therefore are not subject to onerous planning protocol. The eligibility criteria to have a small wind turbine installed is simple – ownership of a plot of open land, the ability to lease the land to a third party and sufficient wind speeds. Once the turbine is in operation, the farmer / landowner reaps the ongoing benefit of being able to use the electricity generated to meet their consumption needs and profits from a proportion of any excess electricity that is generated and sold back to the National Grid.


Directory sectors: carbon, climate & energy