Greener Museums

Greener Museums is a sustainability company that serves museums and the cultural sector. We work with museums of all kinds and sizes, all over the world, to help accelerate progress towards sustainability.

We’ve worked with some of the world’s best-known museums to help them to advance sustainability strategically, resulting in larger, longer lasting changes. Our programs have helped museums save over $500,000 in costs, reduce over 1,000 tonnes of carbon, and attract in over $200,000 in new sustainability funding. How do we do it? Through our expertise and understanding of the critical areas of sustainability which will impact museums. We use this expertise and knowledge to help museums and the cultural sector in four different ways:

  • We work one-to-one with a select group of museums in bespoke engagements, helping them yield large savings in carbon, materials and costs.
  • We work with groups of museums through our Sustainability Leadership Programme, helping to train Sustainability Leaders who help their museums to implement practices which reduce costs and carbon.
  • We work with museum suppliers to develop sustainable practices and certifications.
  • We develop software tools to help our clients to better collect, calculate, manage and report their sustainability data.


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