The Green Register

The Green Register of Construction Professionals (TGR) is an independent and not-for-profit membership organisation set up in 2000 to promote sustainable building practices across all disciplines of the construction industry. We achieve this by offering expert and impatial training, funded places on our courses, and networking opportunities.

TGR has an annual training programme focusing on cutting-edge issues and subjects relevant to organisation with events taking place across the UK including local networking groups. Our events are aimed at professionals from all disciplines of the construction industry. They provide a source of ideas, expertise, and the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals.

What to expect:
  • Our courses are designed to bring you up to speed on cutting-edge green building issues including impending regulations.
  • Attending one of our events may provide you with the skills & knowledge you need to boost your business prospects and get you ahead of the competition.


Events from The Green Register

Courses from The Green Register