Event: entoLIVE Season 3 Part 1 (Free webinars)

Biological Recording Company

22nd January 2024 - 5th June 2024


Cost: Free

Sectors: ecology, conservation & wildlife, food, farming & horticulture

The entoLIVE webinar series is a programme of virtual talks exploring the science of insects and other invertebrates.

Understanding the latest scientific findings about our wildlife is pivotal to a range of biodiversity sector roles, such as volunteer biological recorders, ecological consultants, environmental educators and conservation practitioners. The entoLIVE webinar series showcases the research of invertebrate researchers or specialists, with each webinar focusing on specific research outputs (such as research articles, technical reports, datasets or specimen collections). Speakers are asked to present their work in an accessible manner – not shying away from the science but ensuring that graphs and stats are clearly explained for non-academic audiences.

Season 3 of entoLIVE will take place from January to December of 2024 and consists of 20 invertebrate science webinars. 

All webinars are available to book for FREE via Eventbrite

2024 Programme (January to June)

  • 22/01/24 Showcase Butterflies: Expanding Networks of Farmers & Biological Recorders
  • 01/02/24 The Return of the Native: The Great Fox-spider in Britain
  • 05/02/24 Leeches: Life History and Identification
  • 12/02/24 Darwin's Earthworms: A Groundbreaking Piece of Soil Ecology
  • 18/03/24 Nature Overheard: Acoustic Monitoring for Insects Through Community Science
  • 25/03/24 The Plight of the Bumblebee: A 12 Year Reintroduction Case Study
  • 11/04/24 Refurbishing the Bee Hotel: Different Bees, Different Needs
  • 17/04/24 Spiders, Earthworms and Spiders: The Impacts of Cover Crop Frost Tolerance
  • 30/04/24 Butterflies Through Time: Climate Change, Conservation & Historic Specimens
  • 05/06/24 Bees and Heatwaves: Preparing For A Warming World

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entoLIVE is kindly sponsored by the British Entomological & Natural History Society, environmentjob, Field Studies Council and Royal Entomological Society.

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