Course: Early Season Grass Identification

The Species Recovery Trust

Salisbury, Wiltshire
13th May 2024

Cost: £90

Sectors: ecology, conservation & wildlife

A one-day course giving participants; 

  • confidence in identifying key grasses when not in flower
  • a good feel for grass groups of neutral and unimproved calcareous grassland and their use as indicator species
  • a chance to learn memorable features, allowing grasses in any condition to be identified to species level

Nearly every species of grass and most sedges have at least one key feature, which can be used to pinpoint them to genus and species level. This course aims to teach people to spot and memorise these characters for the majority of common species and some of the more specialised species found on unimproved grasslands. 

This training day will give participants the confidence to identify a wide range of grasses at a time of year when many of them are not flowering. Throughout the day several species will be repeatedly examined and candidates tested on these, leaving them able to confidently identify 20 species. The workshop will be carried out on 3 different grassland types, and also focus on using indicator grasses to assess habitat type and quality. 

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