Course: Dormouse Ecology, Survey and Habitat Management

The Species Recovery Trust

Hindhead, Surrey
18th September 2024

Cost: £110

Sectors: ecology, conservation & wildlife

A one-day course covering:

  • identification and ecology of dormice
  • legislation protecting them
  • survey standards and techniques
  • mitigation and licensing
  • habitat management

This training day is intended for early career consultant ecologists, conservationists, land managers, volunteers and trainees.

The course will be split into two sections, the first will be delivered via an online tutorial which will cover the subjects above, including tips on how to set out survey equipment, how to ID signs of dormice, age classes and sexing.

The afternoon session will focus on the practical elements of dormouse conservation - it will provide plenty of opportunities for deploying and checking survey kit. Habitat management will also be covered, and there will hopefully be an opportunity to see and handle dormice!

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